We'll make your brand shine. Guaranteed.

StarNote Media is a premium graphic design firm out of Boston, created out of pure passion for the arts and deep appreciation for stunning visuals. Whether you are an established business with a long history or a startup company just growing it’s wings, it’s essential for your brand personality to shine. That’s where we come in! Intelligent branding  and design generates excitement in your products and services, attracts talent, and inspires loyalty among your customers.

Collaboration is the key to every successful partnership, and StarNote promises to help you find and celebrate the spirit of your organization. Whether daring or demure, competitive or collaborative, we will capture the style you seek in a logo, advertisement, custom graphic, infographic, and more. We’ll even design your trade show booth for when your brand needs to go mobile. Contact us today to chat with us and see if we are a good fit for your endeavors.

Our typical projects include:
Custom Graphics



Logo Design & Brand Family Design

Product Catalogs & Booklets

Signs, Promos, and Flyers

Marketing Brochures

Wedding Programs


Brochures & Pamphlets

Corporate Materials

Trade Show Booth Design

Event Artwork

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